AnnaMina paints her world around you.
As an improvising singer she dances from jazz over spoken word and rap to soundart and groovy pop.
Between the river and the foggy mountains, with her rhythmic playfulness of her original compositions, 
melodic flow, her unique sound and not to forget her excellent vocal 
technique she grabs her audience from the very first moment.
 Between her intimate lyrics, her strong and sometimes vulnerable 
presence one can find the beauty of anger, the power of transformation 
but also the joy of being alive in this world.

by Kim Kamilla Jäger

„AnnaMina takes you with her into a captivating musical universe that is filled with sound-oriented improvisations, spoken word, meandering melodic lines with meaningful lyrics and rich harmonies. She has an original and colorful vocal language and creates with her band both intimate, fragile moments and powerful interactions. “

Ineke van Doorn, Vocalist and Author,

„AnnaMina’s warm voice, appealing lyrics and impeccable intonation even in the most unpredictable melodies and her ability to come real close to the audience make her a true artist.“

Frans Vermeerssen- Saxophone